Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PSAs from Coffeelady

  • Whoever said "moms should nap while the baby's napping" either lives in squalor, is delusional, and/or has hired help.
  • Whether you're discussing presidents, philandering golf players, or cute babies... people who are part Black, are not straight-up Black. They are mixed
  • MLM is not a "job opportunity", it's an "invest a lot of time and money in something that likely won't work" opportunity. And unless you're Mary Kay Ashe, it's more like a franchise than actually owning "your own business!". 
  • If people don't ask your advice, chances are that's because they don't want it.
  • If a woman didn't adopt or give birth to you, she is not your mom and should not be addressed as such. I have never adopted anybody, and the child I have given birth to is a preverbal neonate who speaks in occasional nonsensical monosyllables. That means nobody should be calling me Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mami, etc yet.
  • Infomercials are a waste of daytime TV programming.  If I had the money to buy whatever overpriced yet strangely fascinating new gadget you're selling today, I'd be at work earning it, not watching television. Can I have more Drop Dead Diva, Parks and Rec, etc reruns instead please? 
  • Last but not least... People who have few to no pictures of their children on their Facebook page, may in fact, still love and have wanted their offspring.  Some people, after spending one of the blizzards of '10 snowed in with two cops during a To Catch a Predator marathon, may be a little skeeved by all the pervballs out there on the Internet.

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